‘1800 Nights of Light’ Guarantee

Five years of exterior lighting taken care of.

As your first choice in outdoor lighting companies, we stand by our quality work and products and believe your outdoor lights should serve you well long after we install them.

Our ‘1800 Nights of Light’ Guarantee gives you a five-year satisfaction and replacement warranty on all your New Zealand designed and manufactured ‘Moonscape’ exterior lighting fittings that we install.

‘Moonscape’ is our top quality exterior lighting range, developed for New Zealanders by New Zealanders and lighting their gardens for over 30 years.

Start your 1800 Nights of Light tonight with one of New Zealand’s favourite outdoor lighting companies. Get in touch today.


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Received our helpful guide to get the best from your exterior lights.

We’ve packed our 35 years of experience in garden lighting into the 5 key things you need to know to transform your gardens and exteriors into a magical wonderland with outdoor light.

In “The Insider’s Guide to Outdoor Lighting” you’ll learn:

  • Why your ‘Ideal Result’ is so useful to know before you invest a single dollar on outdoor light.
  • How to create amazing outdoor lighting effects by using the ‘less is more approach.
  • 6 clever ways to get great value with all your exterior lights and why the ‘quality scale’ is so important to understand.
  • 10 useful keys to choosing the ideal outdoor light company that is the perfect fit for your own outdoor light project.
  • And much more…

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