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Why Invest in Quality Outdoor Lighting Fixtures: 5 Tips to Distinguish Superior Outdoor Light Fittings and Avoid Pitfalls in Cheap Alternatives. Exploring Leading Brands like Moonscape, Hunza, and Switch, Plus a Warranty Comparison.
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Transform your garden, entertaining areas, doorways, pathways, driveways, and gates with outdoor lighting effects that add hidden hues, highlight architectural details, and bring extra elegance and ambiance to all your outdoor gatherings.

Whether you’re after dramatic exterior landscape lighting to show off your property at night, or subtle security features to keep your home and family safe, we’ve got residential outdoor lighting to suit your purposes and meet your quality expectations.

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New Zealand owned and New Zealand made, The Garden Lighting Company offers the expertise of over 35 years designing, manufacturing, installing and servicing garden lighting areas, as well as a top-quality “3520 Nights of Light” guarantee on every Moonscape outdoor light fitting—that’s ten years of reliable, attractive and functional outdoor lighting taken care of.
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To make your nights shine even more beautifully, long-lasting and energy-efficient LED lamps are standard in all our outdoor light fittings, with halogen alternatives also available.

long-lasting and energy-efficient LED lamps


Family is a cornerstone of the community and family is highly valued. This encompasses maintaining a healthy work/family life balance and supporting the team clients and all the those that we interact with.

Being honest and ethical in all interactions, maintaining the highest ethical standards, business practices and service.

This allows us to be encouraging and promoting excellence through innovation creativity and professional work practice.

We endeavour to be and encourage others to have an optimistic and positive attitude. We want to be seen as a company that has the glass half full.

The Garden Lighting Company engages others with respect, openness, and trust in pursuit of a common purpose, having regard for individuals, ideas and opinions.

We pride ourselves of being consistently dependable, always doing what we say and saying what we do. Communicating well by listening with respect and clearly articulating all matters in a way that can be understood by all.


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I recommend the Garden Lighting Company because they are professional and pleasant to deal with. They are not cheap but quality never is. Their service is easy and informative and they’ve created stunning outdoor night effects in our home. The Garden Lighting Company is a one stop shop for planning and fittings. They gave us ideas we wouldn’t have considered. Specifically they enhanced our daughters ‘home’ wedding. The Garden Lighting Company know what they are doing. This comes from being specialised as they only do outdoor and garden lighting.

B. & F. Van Damme

I like the prompt service from the Garden Lighting Company. They listen to my requirements and by using their services I’ve got great advice on where is the best place to position lighting for the most effect. Plus I’ve got advice on the best light fittings for longevity and reduced power usage-i.e. the use of LED Lights. I recommend the Garden Lighting Company because they will drop things to accommodate your needs quickly and promptly when you need them. They have also cash flowed the project. They took care of the complete installation.

C. Duffey

I used the services of the Garden Lighting Company because I had confidence that they knew exactly what they were talking about. They went over the whole process with us and gave excellent advice. They are very good communicators. I now have a well lit drive with highlighted trees and sculptures. The benefits include security and safety. I also get a lot of compliments about the garden.

J. Lochore

I like the Garden Lighting Company because you come when you say you will. You also have access to all the spares and parts we need. You provide a quality installation, with the backing of a New Zealand product with a ten year peace of mind warranty. You know what you are doing. (This comes from being specialised and only doing garden and outdoor lighting.

R&L Hadfield


Why is 12v (low-voltage) used for garden lighting?

Low-voltage has a number of advantages, is extremely flexible it is safe and it is easy to repair. Flexible low-voltage cable runs from a transformer to the lights, this low-voltage cable usually runs under mulch or is buried. 12volt system will not harm anyone who comes in contact with the current.

Do garden lighting fixtures get hot?

When halogen lamps were used fixtures got extremely hot however now with LED being so efficient it does not generate much heat at all and is significantly more efficient.

Are the fixtures waterproof?

The light fixtures that we use are all waterproof with a minimum ingress protection rating of IP 55 going through to IP 67. Below is an explanation of the various ratings:

  • IP65 - Protection from water projected from a nozzle,
  • IP66 - Protection against heavy seas, or powerful jets of water,
  • IP67 - Protection against immersion, for a short time
  • IP68 - Protection against complete, continuous submersion in water.

It is however extremely important that lights are installed correctly as even an incorrect wire connection can cause water to be sucked up through the cable into the light fitting.

Are your 12-volt garden lights electrically safe?

12 V systems are used in cars and motorbikes and is very safe to work on live, the same applies to 12 & 24 volt garden lighting which is extremely safe.

How many fixtures will I need for my site?

There is no golden rule regarding the number of light fixtures. This is entirely dependent on the effects that you're wanting to achieve the size of the area and the type of light fixtures that will be deployed. We can help give indications of an approximate number of lights.

What does a led lamp/bulb beam angle mean?

LED lamps come in various beam angle is measured in degrees from 15° through to 60°, the 15° is a very narrow beam spotlight and 60° is more of a floodlight. Spotlights are generally used to highlight trunks of palm trees or the sides of buildings where you are wanting the light to travel large distance, floodlights are more for paths shrubs if we are wanting to cover a greater area but not throw the light as far. Our fixtures come with 45° lamps/bulbs which is a good middle ground in terms of beam angle.

Which material is the most durable?

We believe copper is probably the most durable particularly in coastal environments. Having said that all of our aluminium lights are a marine-grade anodised aluminium which is designed to withstand coastal environments. We have these lights on waterfront properties for over 35 years without any sign of deterioration.

How long has your company been in the garden lighting business?

We have been designing, installing and servicing garden lights since 1987, well over 35 years now. Over the years we have installed and serviced over 4000 lighting systems. We have learned a lot over the years and accumulated vast experience which enables us to deliver quality and professional service.

How will the lights turn off and on?

There are a number of options for controlling your garden lights from a simple on-off switch through to sophisticated controllers. The most common now is a wireless switching option and we are seeing more use of Wi-Fi programmable solutions.

What is a transformer and why do I need one?

As the power in our houses is 240 V, and Garden lighting is 12 V a transformer is needed to reduce the voltage to 12 V. Flexible Garden lighting cable is then used to connect a transformer to the light fixtures.

Can the transformer be mounted outside?

Yes, transformers can be mounted outside, the majority of the transformers we use are IP 67 rated which means they are designed to withstand any amount of rain, high-pressure jets, and even submersion for less than half an hour. They are not designed to be permanently underwater.

How much power do LED lamps and a garden lighting fixture use?

LED lamps/bulbs are 85% more efficient than halogen lamps they now replace. Therefore, they only use 15% of the energy making LED an extremely efficient lighting source.

Are voltage led garden lights are bright enough?

Yes in most cases they are extremely bright. Just think of how bright your car headlight in nearly all of these are now LED. We often illuminate huge feature trees and have them looking absolutely stunning using only LED lamps.

Solar lighting; is solar any good?

At the time when this was written, in early 2023, we are not aware of any quality reliable solar light fixtures that would produce the stunning effects that are achieved with 12 V garden lighting. There are lights on the market with solar panels that will produce a reasonable light however if they are shaded and do not have a regular amount of sunlight for days on end the light output usually diminishes and can stop altogether. I'm sure this will improve over time.

Solar lighting: can your lights run off solar energy?

Yes, most of our garden lights can run off solar energy. What this means is that a solar panel with a controller and appropriate size battery would be required. Flexible garden lighting cable would need to be run from the solar battery to the light fixtures. If such installation was specified correctly you could expect to achieve a similar result as an installation powered from mains 240v through a transformer. The downside is that the cost of a suitable solar installation would cost around 20 times the price of a transformer that reduces the mains voltage down to 12 V. We are sure this will become more economical over time however at the time of writing this February 2023 it was still very expensive to use solar.