If you love your garden, why limit your enjoyment to daytime hours only? It’s a common misconception that a garden is only there for you to make use of it during the day. With outdoors garden lighting, you can not only enjoy more during the night but also increase the value of your home and turn your yard into a magical fairyland when dusk settles. Here are a couple more reasons why you should consider lighting your garden:


Get more garden time

Outdoor lighting can lengthen the time you spend in your garden and give you the opportunity to enjoy the evening cool. It also creates a warm, intriguing atmosphere that can make for the perfect romantic setting. It’s foolish to limit your enjoyment of your garden to the light time of the day only, especially since so many of us spend that time away from home.


Expand your living space

By adding outdoor lighting to your garden, you can also turn it into an extension of your home. Few things are more peaceful than sitting on a dimly lit terrace or a lawn, stargazing with a loved one by your side. What’s more, studies have shown that the more time you spend outside, the healthier and happier you are!


Helps you find your way around

Walking up an unfamiliar, dark front walk can be a nightmare. Lighting up your garden makes it easier for you to navigate around during the night (and can be a life-saver if you decide to do some garden work after nightfall). Having outdoor lighting can also help your friends and guests navigate the maze of paths, steps, and levels in your garden and make it safer for visitors to reach your front door.


Lighting equals safety

And we don’t just mean reducing the risk of accidents and falls: having lighting in your garden can deter those with ill intentions from breaking into your property. Robbers and those bent on mischief prefer to operate under the cover of night: if your garden is illuminated, there’s more of a chance someone in the house or in your neighborhood will see them.


Increase your home value

Last but not least, like any other landscape or architectural feature, outdoor garden lighting can increase your home’s value, often with far more than the initial investment cost you.