Safety, security…beauty? Check, check and check! Get driveway lights that serve you right with our expert advice.

Great hospitality begins with great driveway lights! Welcome your visitors from the very first moment with exterior lighting that is as practical as it is beautiful.

Reliable lighting for every driveway.

Although some may be tempted to opt for solar lighting, the high set-up expense and lack of reliability tend to make this option impractical for driveways. Electric exterior lighting<span offers greater durability and brighter illumination, with many low-voltage options to choose from as well.

Up high or down low?

The position of your driveway lights is crucial to getting the result you want. Ground lights are a popular exterior lighting option to give your driveway a sleek modern look, as well as offer different creative effects with a wide variety of colours, shapes and applications. Specifically designed driveway lights are often recessed and able to withstand the weight of a vehicle, while other ground lights can be employed to light your perimeter and parking areas.

Post or pedestal driveway lights create a grander, more classic feel and can better-light areas where vehicle manoeuvrability is of crucial importance.

Add ambiance, avoid glare.

There can be a fine line between blinding your visitors and making them wish they’d brought a guide dog to help them navigate your driveway, and this is another area where only a trusted expert in outdoor lights can set you right. Angle, position and type of outside lights all play a role—the aim of the game is illumination so beautifully seamless that it’s just part of your landscaping.

Ready to get driveway lights right?